Stuffed cabbage rolls


°2 heads of cabbage

°2 pounds of ground beef

°3 cups of cooked rice

°1 egg

°1 teaspoon of garlic

°1 tablespoon of parsley

°2 pieces of onion cut into cubes

°1 – 15 oz. Are tomatoes capable of ketchup

°1-28 oz. Can mashed tomatoes

°1/4 cup tomato sauce (with meat)

°Salt and pepper to taste

*Methods  :

Place the head of cabbage in a bowl of sparkling water, and remove the cabbage leaves, one at a time.

Remove the tough part from the end of the cabbage leaf with a sharp blade.

Combine all the fixings except for a 15-ounce container of tomato sauce and pureed tomatoes and place a modest amount (the size of a frankfurter) on the cabbage leaf, move up like fajita and wrinkle-side down into the goulash dish. I put tomato sauce and a cabbage leaf or 2 on the base of the meal plate so the halupke doesn’t get consumed.

Pour the tomato puree over the Halupkys.

Cover and heat for about 75 minutes at 375°F.

Turn broiler to 325°F and prepare for about 90 more minutes, until cabbage is tender. season every hour.

Served with tomato sauce.

Enjoy !

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