*Ingredients :

°5 tablespoons of melted butter.

°2 tbsp brown sugar.

°2 cans. From pineapple strips, used

°8 ounce cans. 7 cherries marashino chopped.

°1 cup of Graham crackers.

°3 tbsp white sugar. Soft cream cheese, used three sinks of 8 ounces.

°3/4 cup of white sugar.

°3/4 cup of bitter cream.

°2 tbsp vanilla extract. Three whole eggs.


Phase 1:

First of all, you want to heat the burner to 325 ° F (165 ° C).

Phase 2:

In a 9-inch pancake frying pan, assemble 2 tablespoons of ghee and colored earthy sugar until bound often; Spread the mixture tenderly to cover the bottom of the dish.

Phase 3:

Place the pineapple pieces over the frozen yogurt. Using cherries, place one at the focal point of each slice of bread.

Phase 4:

In a small blending dish, combine graham flakes, three teaspoons of white sugar, and three tablespoons spread; Join perfectly. Pineapple wounds that have been pressed.

Phase 5:

In a mixing bowl, whisk the creamy cheddar cheese and three quarters of a white sugar cup so it sticks too much. Add the harsh cream and vanilla pulp and mix well. Select a point to blend everything completely.

Phase 6:

Add eggs in turn, mix them at low speed after each option until everything is very uniform, and you currently want to empty your player into cake form.

Phase 7:

Prepare the preheated stove until the middle is practically finished, about 55 minutes to 60 minutes.

Phase 8:

To get rid of the cake from the container, run a blade down the inner edge of the pan. Allow it to cool completely, which should require about 30 minutes.

Phase 9:

Discard the frying pan from the broiler and toss it in the serving dish, obviously place it in the radiator for at least three hours before serving.

Enjoy !!

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